Routes of Infection / Routes to Safety

Research Team

Dr Emma Roe is Associate Professor in Human Geography at the University of Southampton. Emma is a leading trans-disciplinary scholar developed from her core concerns in more-than-human geographies. She is comfortable working with those outside her discipline (veterinary science, food science, health science, rural studies, anthropology, sociology and economics), on research around animal welfare and ethics, commercialisation of the nonhuman, and microbial and viral geographies.

Dr Sandra Wilks is Lecturer in Medical Microbiology, Principal Investigator (Microbiology & Health Sciences) and Assistant Director of the Environmental Healthcare Unit at the University of Southampton. Sandra is interested in the detection, understanding and control of biofilms on medical devices and within the clinical environment. She is also working on several projects involved with improving anti-biofilm strategies, and COVID-19 in different environments.

Dr Paul Hurley is Senior Research Fellow in Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Southampton. Paul is interested in interdisciplinary research, public engagement and creative projects that investigate how we approach more-than-human worlds. These are variously in the contexts of ecology, antimicrobial resistance, animal welfare and food systems and practices.

Dr Charlotte Veal is Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at the University of Newcastle. Charlotte’s research focuses on the intersections between: (dancing) bodies, geopolitics and creative security; performance protest and the city (including  site, space, place and landmarks); art, militarism and war; and develops the theories and practices of creative research methods.